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City's Ability to Compel the Sale or Transfer of Private Property

This is a brief summary of federal and state laws that limit the City's ability to compel or "force" a sale or transfer of private property. 



Reports of Fly Infestation

Reports of fly infestation at N/W corner of Ave. 62 & Jackson St having negative impact on La Quinta Residents. Residents of this area are reporting a reoccurring fly infestation around this area. The reporting parties clarified that this location is one of many that are contributing to the fly infestation issue. The City of La Quinta's purpose and goal is to get representatives of each respective agency together to determine who has enforcement authority, and to examine if there are existing Best Maintenance Practices (BMP's) for the rural properties South East of the Trilogy development at Monroe St. and Ave. 60 to implement to mitigate, and/or reduce the fly population. 

These are some of the agencies that can be contacted to report the fly infestation concern.

  • Coachella Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District (760) 342-8287
  • Riverside Country Code Enforcement (760) 393-3344
  • CA Dept of Food and Agriculture (760) 776-8208



Village Build-Out Plan Draft Environmental Impact Report 

The Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the La Quinta Village Build-Out Plan is available for review and comment beginning August 9, 2016 to September 22, 2016. The EIR was prepared to evaluate the potential environmental impacts associated with the build-out of the La Quinta Village.  A copy of the Village draft EIR is available for review at the Hub at La Quinta City Hall, 78-495 Calle Tampico, and the La Quinta Library, 78-275 Calle Tampico. Comments and questions may be directed to:

Nicole Sauviat Criste, Consulting Planner
City of La Quinta
78-495 Calle Tampico
La Quinta, CA 92253
(760) 777-7062

The Village Build-Out Plan Draft Environmental Impact Report

Technical Appendices:

Appendix A - Notice of Preparation

Appendix B - Air Quality and Global Climate Change Impact Analysis

Appendix C - NRCS Custom Soils Report

Appendix D - EDR Report

Appendix E - City of La Quinta Focused Area Drainagle

Appendix F - Downtown Area Drainage Study for the City of La Quinta

Appendix G - La Quinta Village Hydrology Study

Appendix H - Traffic Impact Assessment

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