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What is SilverRock Resort? 

SilverRock Resort is a 525-acre parcel of land situated at the base of the majestic Santa Rosa Mountains.  SilverRock Resort was a former working cattle ranch and vacation retreat of Home Savings and Loan founder, Howard Ahmanson.  In 2002, the La Quinta Redevelopment Agency purchased the land to create a tournament golf course, which is open to the public, and a luxury resort/retail venue that would generate long-term, recurring revenue for the City.  Two years of intense master planning, design, and construction resulted in the Arnold Palmer-designed “Arnold Palmer Classic Course at SilverRock Resort.”  The course was voted among the “The Top Ten New Golf Courses That You Can Play” by Golf Magazine, and the former home course of the PGA Tour's Bob Hope Classic from 2008-2011.

The La Quinta Redevelopment Agency’s Master Plan for SilverRock Resort includes private development consisting of the following components: 

Luxury Hotel and SpaSilverRock Welcome Sign

A 140-room luxury hotel is planned within the Arnold Palmer Classic Course, offering exceptional amenities and personalized service.  The Luxury Hotel would feature unique architecture, a day spa and fitness facilities, pools, restaurant and lounge, and shared conference space.

Luxury Hotel Branded Residential 

Luxury Branded Hotel residences are planned just east of the Arnold Palmer Classic Course.  The Luxury Branded Hotel residential will include 35 single-family detached residences, and would range in size from 2,800 to 4,500 square feet.  The Luxury Branded residential units will be privately owned and have a direct relationship with the Luxury Hotel.  If the owners of these homes wish to make these units available for rent, they would be required by covenants to the purchase and sale agreement to do so through the hotel reservation and management system, to the extent permitted by law. 

Lifestyle Hotel

A Lifestyle Hotel is planned to the northeast of the Luxury Hotel and includes 200 rooms.  The Lifestyle Hotel would feature 2- and 3-story buildings and would share some common facilities with the Luxury Hotel, including the day spa and fitness center, conference area, and service areas. 

Lifestyle Branded Residential

The Lifestyle Branded Residential would include 60 single-family attached residences available for private ownership. These residences would range in size from 2,100 to 3,500 square feet.  If the owners of these homes wish to make these units available for rent, they would be required by covenants to the purchase and sale agreement to do so through the hotel reservation and management system, to the extent permitted by law. 

Golf Club House

The Ahmanson Ranch House will remain in its current location and will be renovated.  The renovated Ahmanson Ranch House will include a high-end restaurant that maintains the historic look you see today.

A new 15,000 square foot golf clubhouse would be located between the Lifestyle Hotel and Luxury Branded Hotel residential.  The new golf clubhouse would be designed to blend in with the style of the adjacent Lifestyle Hotel and Lifestyle Residential component.

Additionally, 25 golf cabins, approximately 800 square feet in size, would be developed adjacent to the golf clubhouse as transient-oriented units.

Shared Services and Conference Center

The Shared Services and Conference Center Building will provide approximately 71,000 air-conditioned and unconditioned square feet and outdoor areas.  The facility would be shared by the Luxury and Lifestyle Hotels and would include a ballroom meeting space and food service areas.

Promenade Mixed Use Village

The Promenade Mixed Use Village would contain a mix of residential and commercial uses, comprising a combination of mixed-use, stand-alone, and pop-up retail components.  Two major pedestrian corridors, the River Walk and the Promenade, would intersect to connect vehicular, nonvehicular, and pedestrian circulation routes.  The Promenade Mixed Use Village would offer a maximum of 16,000 square feet of mixed-use commercial space, with the residential component consisting of 150 units, including planned lofts and bungalows.  In addition to the mixed-use space, temporary pop-up retail spaces would feature daily or even seasonal goods and services. 

Additional Residential

There are up to 9 additional planned residential components.  These residential components include; a Resort Residential Village, featuring 160 units that range in size from 2,200 to 4,000 square feet, and could include both detached and attached residences; the remaining planning areas could include residential components with a total number of units that range between 20 to 80 units per planning area, for a combined total of approximately 300 attached and detached residential units.  

Public and Open Space

The proposed project would provide a minimum of approximately 70 acres of public park, arroyo, trails, canals, and circulation elements.  This space would be able to accommodate art festivals, automobile displays, among other public and private events. 

For more information on development opportunities, please contact the City of La Quinta at (760) 777-7118.

Once completed, SilverRock Resort will become a destination with something for everyone - golf, outdoor activities, shopping, dining, and entertainment.  It will be a source of great pride for La Quinta residents, and a refuge that tourists will want to visit again and again.  SilverRock Resort is another shining facet in the “Gem of the Desert.”

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