Redevelopment Agencies (RDA)


What Were Redevelopment Agencies (RDA)?

Redevelopment agencies gave local governments the ability to retain a greater share of property taxes to invest in areas declared a “redevelopment project area.” In late December 2011 the California Supreme Court upheld legislation that ended this 60 year old program intended to combat blight, resulting in over 400 redevelopment agencies being dissolved. 


How RDA Was Used In La Quinta

Established in 1983, the former La Quinta Redevelopment Agency implemented numerous projects that contributed to providing affordable housing, creating jobs, and stimulating the local economy.  Redevelopment has funded infrastructure improvements such as curbs, sidewalks, roads, landscaping, and much more.

  • Project No. 1 addressed properties located south of avenue 50.
  • Project No. 2 was established in June 1989 to address the needs north of Avenue 50.

These two Project Areas encompassed 14,316 acres or approximately 80% of the total area of the City.  

In 2000, after numerous State mandated diversion of local City revenue to State programs to balance the State budget, the RDA embarked on an economic development strategy that would increase the resort/hotel properties in the City in order to generate more transient occupancy tax (TOT), sales tax, and property tax that could be retained locally while expanding recreation opportunities for residents. This focus lead to the SilverRock Resort; hotel construction was set to begin in 2008 when the full impact of the Great Recession hit and all private financing options ceased.

For key examples of the projects completed with the help of RDA funds and the City’s economic development program click CLQ_RDA Projects

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